World Literacy Day 2021 ; Theme, Importance, UNESCO

September 8 World Literacy Day celebrated around the world

September 8, 2021

World Literacy Day 2021

World Literacy Day 2021 today, September 8 is being celebrated around the world. This day is celebrated to commemorate the importance of literacy and the fact that literacy is a right. September 8, 1966 was declared International Literacy Day by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Theme for World Literacy Day 2021

This year’s theme for World Literacy Day is “Literacy for Human-Centered Recovery: Shrinking Digital Divisions.” The theme of ILD 2021 has been created to create more awareness among the people about digital literacy. The Covid-19 epidemic is hampering the learning of children, youth and adults, increasing the division of knowledge among citizens.

Importance of World Literacy Day 2021

According to UNESCO, 773 million young adults worldwide today do not have literacy skills. ILD 2021 is an initiative to spread awareness among the youth to become literate and prevent the division of literacy. Also, literacy is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

World Literacy Day 2021; UNESCO

UNESCO will host a live webinar to celebrate World Literacy Day 2021. According to UNESCO, “ILD 2021 will explore how literacy can contribute to building a strong foundation for human-centered recovery, with a special focus on literacy and interpersonal relationships. Digital skills are essential for uneducated youth and adults. It makes a person’s literacy education comprehensive and meaningful through technology. ” That is what UNESCO has said.

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